About Us

Founded in 1998, the Güney Grupsan Group, which has a 20-year-long journey in tent and the steel construction sector, has become one of the most successful tent companies not only in Turkey but also in the Middle East and Europe.

Complying with the international standards and having constant development in all its activities, Güleçyüz Group is committed to achieving its success also in the world.

Our Vision & Our Quality Policy

Our Vision

As one of the leading tent producers in the sector, Güney Grupsan Çadır maintains its production system of high quality and affordable products that fully meets the customer expectations. With its knowhow and experience, it constantly develops itself and the products.

Güleçyüz Çadır accomplishes its goal of determining and meeting the needs of its customers by offering customized solutions. With the production of tents for different capacities and needs, it ensures the most efficient use of the investments.

Being in the domestic and foreign market with its product range and services that go beyond the expectations of its customers, Güleçyüz Çadır’s aim is to make a name for itself in the world.

Our Quality Policy

Güleçyüz Çadır has focused on providing unconditional customer satisfaction in all its products. It believes that continuous improvement and training of all employees are essential for continuous improvement of its products and systems.

Güney Grupsan Çadır, which produce in perfect quality, aims to increase the quality in our company. It produces in time and meets the needs of our valued customers instantly and quickly without sacrificing the quality. Its aim is to improve the product range according to your suggestions and requests.